1.The Rented Property

The rented property is fully furnished provided with household appliances, crockery, kitchen equipment and change of linen. The Property is in a perfect and functioning condition and must be in the same condition on CHECK-OUT. We expect all clients to treat the rented property as if it was their own home and leave the Property in good order for CHECK-OUT.

If on the Check OUT the Property is found to be extremely dirty or untidy then a final extra cleaning fee may be applied. SWEETSTAY (here named as the "Company") may replace the Property with another of identical or superior quality for causes of force majeure or for any circumstances beyond its control, should the Company be unable to guarantee the Client use of the Property. If the Client has reasonable and substantiated cause for refusing the Property offered by way of replacement, the Company will refund the Client the entire amount paid. No further amounts of whatsoever nature shall be due by the Company to the Client.

2. Security Deposit

The client will be required to provide his/her credit card details at the Check IN for the Security Deposit. The credit card information is kept as cautionary measure and it is only used to cover any costs if any damage is found or if valuable items are missing or damaged. If no damages are found then the credit card information will be destroyed.

Please note that for stays over 14 days the Security Deposit is equal to the Standard Security Deposit times two. For stays over 30 days the Security Deposit is equal to the first month rental and must be paid by bank transfer.

In case of breach of contract or unpaid rental fees, the deposit amount will be retained partially or in full to cover any loss income incurred by the Company.

3. Duration

The duration of the Contract is indicated by the CHECK IN and OUT dates. Only in the case of letting periods of 30 days or more, a contract registration fee (1% of the total rental amount with a minimum of 33,50 EUR +30 EUR in stamps), obligatory under the Italian law, will apply. The Client will also be required to sign a standard tourist rental contract only for letting periods of 30 days or more.

4. Payments

To confirm the booking of the Rented Property, the Company requires at least 30% of the total Rental fee. This can be paid directly online by credit card (VISA / MASTERCARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS).

The remaining 70% balance of the total Rental fee is due 14 days before arrival by the same methods as above.

The price showed in the website is the final one and the fee is already included.

If the client books a property with a non-refundable cancellation policy or the check-in date falls within the cancellation window, they will be asked to send 100% of the rental fee at the time of booking.

The cardholder must be present upon arrival and provide the same card used for the payment and a valid photo ID. This is a mandatory requirement.

5. Cancellation Policy

In case of NO SHOW the Client will lose the total rental fee.

Please note that, if not specified at the time of the booking, all reservations are to be considered NON refundable.

Non Refundable Reservation Policy:

  • the guest will be charged the total price at the time of the reservation and no refund is due.

Only when specified prior to booking:

Flexible Cancellation policy 14/7 days:

  • If the Client decides to cancel the reservation prior to the start of the booking period, the Company will apply the following terms and conditions:
  • Beyond 14 days from the Check In date: the initial payment is fully refundable
  • Within 14 and 7 days of Check In date the initial payment is 50% refundable.
  • Within 7 days of Check In the reservation is non refundable.
  • In case of cancellation after the start of location, the Client will lose the total rental fee.
  • The cancellation policy is applied to both full and partial cancellations of any booking which has been confirmed.

For reservations above 30 nights a strict 30 days cancellation policy will always apply:

If the Client decides to cancel the reservation prior to the start of the booking period, the Company will apply the following terms and conditions:

  • Beyond 30 days from the Check IN date: the initial payment is fully refundable
  • Within 30 days of Check In date rent is not refundable.
  • In case of cancellation after the start of location, the Client will lose the total rental fee.


All Clients must inform the Company by e-mail at least one day prior to arrival confirming the exact time of CHECK-IN In. A failure in communication will entail the loss of the priority in case we have several arrivals at the same time.

Sweetstay requires every guest to present an ID card/passport upon their arrival to the apartment. We will need a copy of your ID, if you can't bring a copy we will take a picture of it. You will be required to sign a short-let agreement.

Early and Late CHECK-IN has an extra cost applied in local currency €/£ (this does not apply when a Self Check-in option is availble) :

  • From 12 noon to 3pm: €/£10 ( €/£15 on weekends)
  • From 7pm to 8pm: €/£25
  • From 8pm to 10pm: €/£35
  • From 10pm to MIDNIGHT: €/£45

No CHECK-IN after MIDNIGHT, except for agreement made previously.

Every check IN after 7pm has to be arranged and confirmed at least 24 hours before arrival.

CHECK-OUT has to be done no later than 10 am except for agreement made previously.

Late CHECK-OUT is subject to availability and to a fee of €/£20 (€/£30 on Weekends )

7. City tax ( where applicable)

The tourist tax (4.00 euro per person, per night) has to be paid in cash or by card (with a supplement of 3% for the transaction cost) by any person not resident in the city of Florence or Milan, for each overnight stay (i.e. per person per night) in facilities situated within the Municipality of Florence/ Milan, up to a maximum of 7 nights in a row. Excluded from this payment are: a) children up to twelve years of age; b) people accompanying patients hospitalized within the municipality, also those in an outpatient setting, with a maximum of two assistants per patient; c) patients who make use of hospital care in an outpatient setting; d) students enrolled at the local University.

8. Right to access to the Property

The Owner, and/or third parties appointed by the owner, identifiable upon request by the Client, shall have access to the Property in order to carry out a repair and/ or maintenance work as should be required. Except in an emergency, the Client will receive prior notice.

9. Obligations of the Client

The client agrees to respect the rules and regulations of the building and to avoid any behaviour that could cause a disturbance to others. The client agrees that the maximum number of people entitled to occupy the Property is that set above as number of guests. The Client agrees to return the keys of the Property as agreed with the Company staff at the check IN. It is forbidden to replace and/or give to third parties the keys of the Property.

Loss of keys will entail a cost of 50 EUR/GBP every set.
The Client agrees not to sublet the Apartment to anybody. Unless expressly authorized in writing by the Company, the client shall not have pets of any kind in the Property.

10. Utilities and bills

For periods of stay under 14 days the total Rental fee will include all the utilities consumption (Water/Gas/Electricity). If not agreed differently during the booking with the Company, for stays above 14 days the Client will be responsible for paying bills on top of the agreed Rental fee, at the end of the stay based on Client's real consumption. Neither the Company nor the Owner will be responsible with the Client for any suspension/interruption beyond its control of electricity, gas and/or water supply.

11. Responsibilities of the Client

The Client relieves the Company from any responsibility for damaged caused by a third party (including disruption in gas/electricity/water supply) and is directly responsible to the Company and third parties for damages caused by him/her, due to water or gas leaks, etc., and for any other abuses or misuses of the Property and its belongings. The Company will not be liable to the Client for any thefts perpetrated. The Client relieves the Company and the Owner from any responsibility from damages / injuries or accidents that may occur to the Client during the Rental period inside the Property and or inside the building where the Property is located.

12. Penalty and Extra fees

  • Any call from the Client, asking for assistance at the Property due to his/her negligence (such as the impossibility to open the apartment door due to the loss of keys) will be charged with 50 EUR/GBP extra fee.
  • Disruption or loss of sheets and or towels provided will cost 10 EUR/GBP per item.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden: failure to comply with our no smoking policy will result in 150 EUR/GBP cleaning charge added to the rental fee.
  • Late CHECK-IN/OUT: please see point n.6.

13. Clause of termination

The Company, acting on behalf of the Owner may terminate this contract by operation of law by sending the Client written advice in any of the following events:
Should the client fail to pay the Rental fee by the due date and in accordance with the Terms set above and/or should the Client's behaviour be contrary to take due care of the Property. In the cases above, the Company will be entitled to retain, by way of penalty the percentage of the price for the Property paid by the Client.

14. Modification of this contract

Before and after the arrival date, this contract can be modified only in writings with the approval of both the Client and the Company, acting always as the Owner's representative.

15. Use of Personal Data

The Client authorizes the Company to communicate his/her personal data to the Police as for the Italian law obligations (31 Dic. 1996, n.675).

16. Legal Clause for owners

With reference to Article 3 Paragraph 11 Dlgs.23/11e regarding the rental lease in question, leased by you for residential purposes, you are informed that the owner exercises the option to withhold tax on rents. Pursuant to and for the purposes of the legislation referred to above the right is renounced to ask for any upgrade fee, which includes the change 'ISTAT', which will remain unchanged until expiry. In addition, taxes will not be due for the registration of the contract.